7 + 1

It's been 7 years we shared everything as friends. Well dear, honestly i feel so comfortable wif u. Dun asked me y? becox... deep in me.. i found u. When i looked at u. I see me in u. It so difficult to descroibe... But i knew that u know how i felt.


So... Dah 7 tahun ni.. i expect u dh kenal sangat how i am kan?. U know how to handle me rite? u know how to make me smile kan? dan kamu sgt tahu mcmana nak calm me down bila sy sgt susah hati tentang sesuatu perkara. Well u know me more than i know my self. (seriously!).

Thanx for be here always. The laugh that u bring, the smile that u give and the spirit that u put inside me really buat i rasa alive! selain dr my big MD'S and OTHMAN'S family members. Your family and u r my strength now. (peh! ko kdg2 poyokan ieka)..... Thanx again Darling!

So, nothing else to say juz wanna wish u " Happy 7th celebration as friend and Happy 1st anniversary SOULMATE! luv ya.. yes! i do.

P/S: 22 Dec 2010- Genap 7 tahun sbg kwn dan 1 thn sebagai kekasih. Sy kagum dengan kamu!

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