Yesterday & Today

I gOt my fever today.
Damn! im having a big headache in here. I think i eat too much. My body cannot accept any kind of bad food anymore. (Diet.. jgn mkn mcm2 dah).
There is no energy inside my body today. Well i need some rest, said my Tummy. (perut dh xnk mkn bnd menggemukkan).

Owh! ya, yesterday my dearie got his fever also. It's alway like that. (Kalau sy sakit, dia pun akan sakit gak. Sy muntah2, dia pun sama.) So, juz now, i called him to fetch me from my office and unfortunately, he can't... (haishhh.. sy demam rindu la soulmate) pity me.

Never mind la.. still need to focus on my job & task. :(

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