Yeah!! Im so happy.. I juz get my Herbalife Pack! hoho.. so, i can start my diet seriously, starting from tomorrow. Thanx Coach yang comel! Ok, before I talk about my diet routine in details, here I list first my current weight, target & weight that i need to lose.

Height: 163 cm
Current Weight: 59KG
Target : 54 or 53KG
Weight to Lose: 5 or 6 KG

Ok, now i would like to share a little bit of my experience. I've started took Herbalife, since July, 17th 2010. My weight before took Herbalife was 66.7KG. I felt so upset & have low confidence, well, they are so many cruel people out there who called me "GEMUK" (sy takot perkataan ini). Isn't so bad being someone FAT??? NO rite?? Fat people still got a feelings okay! (tapi sy takot lagi dengan perkataan itu... huhu)
So, because of that, i had challenged my self by join Herbalife contest, Lose ur Weight In 21 days. And FYI, I won ( walaupun hanya no. 3, tapi im proud of my self.. sekurang-kurangnya sy dh buktikan yang sy blh! da telah menang RM 300 tau. Dapat balik duit pendaftaran tu... huhu).
How i won??
In only 21 days diet session, and, i had lost 3.7KG. (So insyallah aku akan guna routine yang same untuk diet kali ini). And now, i wanted to make sure that i've lose my weight and achieve my target.. (Chaiyok!)

So, here my plan for my diet and actually it was the same plan that i been using for my diet contest.

1. Herbalife Strawberry Shake - 350ml
2. Fuji / Lady Apple - 1
3. Herbalife Tea mix + Water - 2 liter

1. Salad / Sandwich
2. Water - 2 liter

1. Herbalife Strawberry Shake - 350ml
2. Herbalife Tea mix + Water - 2 liter

*Workout 1 hour/day (bila balik kerja)*

Insyallah, kalau sy amalkan ini, dalam tempoh sebulan ni, dpatlah sy trunkan 4 atau 5 Kg lagi.


P/S: nak upload pict product & my schedule, tapi tenet mcm harem so, xleh upload. Next post t i upload k.. daa.....Nway thanx cik coach tuk hadiah free, body wash Herbalife tu.. wangi. Soulmate pun suka.

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