As i promise in my previous post that I would upload a pictures of my Herbalife product 
that i've been using for my diet session.
So, here u go!

My Supplement for diet.
Herbalife (Strawberry Flavour)
If u wanna know more about it, please do visit my online shop

I also use Losyen Mustajab in order to lose my fat (visceral fat)
(Losyen ni byk bantu, lagi2 bila byk workout)

Losyen Mustajab
Only RM 20, i bought it in Maju Junction.
Extra Hot, its really work.
Try it by ur self.
(Bantu buang angin dalam badan, 
mengempiskan serta mengurangkan lemak 
lengan, perut dan  belakang badan tidak lupa di bahagian peha jugak
Nora Danish pakai product ni jugak, okay!)

So, this is the product that i been using for help me to achieve my target.
So, wht ur's??
Gud luck then.

P/S: Owh! ya.. Congrast tuk Intan (Adik Soulmate), sbb convo arini.
T, i story about her convocation day ya! Im sure she looks stunning wif her Jubah.
Owh! Congratulation dear.

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