Pieces of me

Soulmate is the person who always make me happy & smiling all the time. In fact, my soulmate always encourage me to do anything that i wanted..passionately.
Owh! just to mention that my soulmate name is Muhammad Hafiz Md. Sharit.

Who's HAFIZ??
-The lover of my life (Now .. til' forever)
-The best man in town.
-Not only a gud friend, but he is a gud listener.
-Never complaint about me, eventhough sometimes I makes him sick.. hahaa... Luv u hubby.
-He knows how to make me smile eventhough sometimes i forget how to smile. heheheh....
-He will calm me when i feel so worried, especially when it comes about my work... (kdg2 stress but then its my responsible kan??) He is the best ever. I think that i couln't find any other men as gud & nice like him, eventhough they did.. they juz not gud enough for gurl like me.
- He's really understanding, even he really knows me well. Thank God i found him.

So, he will be and always be my baby. The best soulmate that i ever had. The one who totally won my heart & my self. The one who always make me feel comfort and happy all these days. I definitely be excited to be apart of him. Owh! yeah im in love. 

P/S: Kami akan bertunang bulan 12 ni... 25/12/2010. owh! yes!. Anyway, for now on, i will trying to post anything in english. but, maybe 1 or 2 post in Bahasa (untuk memastikan Bahasa sy masih elok hehe).
Motive: to polish back my english as preparation for my MBA. ~weeee


Aisyalicious said...

wau. i dont know that u going to be engage..
semua dah tahu ke?

~owh!~ said...

Kak sya, hehehehhe
surprise.. surprise...
Ur Adik already told Mak last tuesday...
He juz inform me last nite.. heheh
excited ta ;)