Owh! Psycho

How m i going to start this entry?? im not mad, but i feel like to kill someone. 
Never mind, let's started by this quote:

" Lucky Gurl like me never care 'bout ur existed my dear Psycho Babe.. 
so, y dun  u Stop Ruin my life, and
please, stay away from my life.... 
and stop being such a bitch.... will u??"

Not every people in this world like to see other happiness rite?? I juz can't understand sometimes, y should this Psycho babe try to ruin my life. Maybe she juz feel so happy by creating other sadness. Sorry dear, not for this time. Stop Being such a bitch Stalker.. will u darling? (sy tak kisah awak nak tgk blog sy, tapi, xyah nk luah apa2 plak pastu... souh.. souh... u r not invited here). Who u think u are?? a bitch who think that u can do anything to make me feel down & upset??. Owh! dear, i think u should take ur medicine.  
It takes so much time  to build up my self back, after he left me for u. And, it's clearly now that he was really not the one for me. And surprisely, im not regret  for it but im so thankful. At least, now I have someone who is  really better 500 percently than him. So, y dun u just stay away from me & my life. (owh! yeah i feel like i just punching ur BIG FACE and BIG STOMACH!)

P/S: owh! FYI my darling.. when other asked me who was him to me for last 4 years,.....
i  just smile and  said

"He is not my EX- 
he was my big mistakes 
since he decided to left me for that Psycho Babe".

So darling.. please be matured, eventhough u think u r..
(tapi anda tak matang ok.. sy sgt tak suka anda.. ikhlas ni). 

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