Owh! i thought

Hey all... its been so long i never wrote any post in english. Well my english kinda bad lately. Need more effort to brush up.. need more duster to clear the dust. okay, since me & soulmate have a huge problem between us. i already took 1 step to let my self free from any commitment. Well, u know it's kinda i am single but i am not available & interested in luv for now. heheh (poyo lebih).

But then, after a while i made my decision i felt so bad. I cant do anything. I thought i was ok without him. i thought i could face anything without him.. but the fact is i was wrong. I damnly need him. I need him to be here with me so that i have a strange to count any single possibility in my life. I need him to pampered me. I need him to listen to any version of my stories. I need him to be here so i can be more stronger. *silent* (kamu betul dah jadi separuh dr diri sy). Believe me, sgt teruk rasanya bila anda sudah biasa sebelum tidur ditemani ucapan selamat mlm dan kasih syg melalui cell phone daripada en.soulmate. Tiba-tiba mlm ni, takde. haishhhhhh....... I felt so damnly dead.

i thought i was stronger than u. i was wrong. i need u badly now!

P/S: en.soulmate mcm tau je yang sy takkan okay tanpa dia. So he already called me last nite dan kami discuss.
Result: WE WILL STICK TOGETHER til'the end. END.

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