Life is to live. Live Healthy Live Happy

Just wanted to share some tips, with all of u.. Actually,i got this tips from here. So, how to make sure that u will get a healthy live and will be happy always in live... Here u go guys & gurls.... u just need to scroll down and, u will get the tips u want......  okay!! Enjoy!

  • Go out in nature. You will feel energized and happy.
  • Do not worry for the future. Enjoy your present. Just do your best and let the rest of the things be taken care of by GOD.
  • Do the activities which you enjoy. Listen to the music, play Tennis etc.
  • Meditate daily to build your confidence.
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Love and be loved. Always be happy. People will feel attracted towards you.
  • Eat fruits daily like apple, banana, papaya etc. to regularize your metabolism.
  • Breakfast should be heavy. Lunch should be moderate. Dinner should be mild.
  • Drink sufficient water daily. Water is the most important thing of our life.
  • Early to bed and early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy and wise. Though present lifestyle hardly gives us time to have an 8-9 hours sleep, try to have at least 6 hours sleep.
The above tips are really great for a healthy life. Do not cut down on these tips. You will see amazing results if you follow the above tips for a healthy life.

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