i need some encouragement
suddenly felt so down bila tengok diri dalam cermin.
hate my self more.
maybe my expectation tinggi sangat.
nk slim macam jessica alba. haih!
hate me!

owh dem!!
i hate when they called me fat!!
i hate when they makes a joke on my flabby tummy...
i hate when they said that i cant get what i wish for...

Seriously, they won and seeing me fall down.
I hate my grammar!
my english is teribble!!
yes i felt down..
i hate me more that i hate them.

P/S: sgt dem lagi... bila en. Spet r not around when i need him dem much. Where the hell he been??? haih! :(((((((


Farah Jasni said...

Err... PMS I suppose??

Chill la babe.. The hell with wat people said.. Most important u know urself.. Beauty is not only from outside, it is better to be pretty inside u know..

Anyway, u r gorgeous the way u r.. Otherwise, Enche Sepet won't fall into u wat?? Hehehe...


~IekaZakaria~ said...

hahahhaha along.. iyurp2...
PMS that time!! full mark for u... hahahhaha

now feel much better afta get some support from u, en. Sepet & all people around me..
Let's Zumba!!! hahahaha :P

Miss Myself said...

i encourage u to stand still! let the words be like the wind. whereas ure not going to fall down or ure not even feel distract by them.let them be.i also faced the same thing in my life.u're not that fat..raise ur spirit to get more slimmer n slimmer.English people not even think of their grammar.but Malaysian will keep questionate and commenting other people grammar.i also hate it.nvm kak ika,u can do it!!prove it to them!yes, u can!! :D :D :D